There is only one system with a guaranty.

The interior French Drain. We rarely install partial systems. There must be extenuating circumstances for us to do so. We do not install exterior French drains they too often fail, and cost more than interior systems if installed correctly. They are also difficult to repair when they fail as leaks are hard to locate.

An interior French drain is easy to maintain, repair and are far less expensive to install correctly.

Like mold, Drainage is a system. It's taking all things into consideration and providing a cost effective solution. We do not instal drainage unless it is the best solution for your home or sale. Often a simple solution is available such as regulating watering conditions and modification of dounstpouts or extensions. Even simple landscaping can sometimes help.

Basic Drainage Project:

Inspection / Assessment: AES Inspectors / Project Managers are trained in multidiscipline trades to understand construction defects; defects that contribute to water proliferation. A thorough evaluation of existing conditions is necessary to accurately define a scope of work and a comprehensive drainage plan.

Containment: Established to prevent the cross contamination of dust, debris and any undiscovered crawl space contaminants such as insulation fiber and undiscovered mold. Negative Room Pressure is required to Prevent Cross-Contamination.

Engineering controls: Fans and dehumidification devices are installed, and non-toxic antimicrobial approved treatment to neutralize mold, mold spores, hypha, mycelium, mycotoxins, and other toxic compounds is used.

AES Custom Drainage System: AES will install the interior custom drainage system in the crawl space. This drainage system is a passive system with an emergency sump pump. A perforated drain line with silt sleeve (fabric) will be installed along the interior perimeter of crawl space. Drainage will be graded toward a drywell for collection. This passive system will allow water to leave the crawl space drain. The pump will run if excess water flow occurs during rainfall or overwatering. The drainage systems are equipped with a drainage alarm.

Vapor Reduction: Inline exhaust fans and dehumidifiers will be used for vapor reduction in the crawl space.

Vapor Barrier: New Vapor Barrier will be installed when crawlspace is sufficiently dry. All debris is removed and the clean room containment is broken down with a final cleaning.