Basic Process of Mold Removal

It is very common in the treasure valley to have mold in a brand new home. Many homes are built wet. It is common for a crawlspace to have mold on the subfloor throughout the crawlspace. We clean those homes the right way. We have also tackled toxic mold jobs from Washington, Oregon, San Diego-CA, and Denver-CO. Toxic mold requires higher standards of remediation than common household molds, The difference being successful remediation of toxic mold does not allow for even one spore to be found durring post testing. Other molds are just brought back to acceptable environmental levels or better.

Do not reshingle a low-slope roof without checking for mold first- that tip may save you $4,000.00. We do complete roof tear off and reconstruction in house one stop shop. We can remove and replace sill, rim, and floor joists in your crawlspace.

At AES we take a no nonsence aproach. We have a successful sytem for mold remediation. We try to stay competatively priced but lets face it. If your "mold guy" is following our methodology he would be charging more. He also would need multiple certifications and would need to have performed 1000's of inspections throughout the western United States and successfully completed more than 300 mold specific remediation projects. We follow the S520 Standards for Mold Remediation, E.P.A., OSHA, New York Guidlines, etc. The initial and primary referance among those being the S520. And the methodology set forth by the IICRC. Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certifications. We are also members of IAQA.

The S520 is a Book and a Reference guide so it is not explained entirely in a few paragraphs.

Here are some of the basic steps to the remediation process:

Inspection / Assessment of contaminated area: AES Inspectors / Project Managers are trained in multidiscipline trades to understand construction defects; defects that contribute to mold proliferation. A thorough evaluation of existing conditions is necessary to accurately define a scope of work and plan for remediation. This information may be provided for you by a Qualified Inspector, or Industrial Hygienist.

Containment is required to remove or clean contaminated materials in a way that prevents the emission of fungi and dust contaminated with fungi from leaving a work area and entering an occupied or non-abatement area. Negative Room Pressure is required to Prevent Cross-Contamination. Proper techniques are essencial in removal of contaminated debris to assure the health of the building, property owners, and individuals involved in the project. If you cannot see toxic mold how do you know you are not breathing it unless proper methods are employed to eliminate it from the air you breath.

Sometimes Engineering Controls are used in the process of remediation. This is not a solution. It is a control not a fix. Many companies in the treasure vally sell engineering controls like antimicrobials and coatings as remediation. This is not remediation and should not be sold as such. It is hiding the problem or hiding from the problem. Our EPA approved and non-toxic treatment will help control mold, mold spores, hypha, mycelium, mycotoxins, and other toxic compounds.

AES Structural Remediation of sick building:

Advanced Environmental Solutions will remove mold contaminants from the sick building. We will strictly adhere to the IICRC S520 Standard of Mold Remediation. Protocols will be observed during remediation for Conditions 1 - 4. We physically remove mold from the wood or building. We do not cover it up. Mold can grow through sheetrock and approximately 200 microns into the wood. Dry-rot and Wet-rot allow for additional growth and penetration. Mold should be removed completely like a cancer.

Please Note: Mold will be completely removed using HEPA Sanders &/or Dry Ice Blasters. All surfaces will be HEPA Vacuumed and wiped with AES anti-microbials. Up to 3x in an indoor environment.

You must understand Toxic Molds can enter all porous items (couches, pillows, toys) we can help you to understand what items can or cannot be saved.

Consideration needs to be made for the HVAC system. The heating cooling system is very effective at spreading toxins through the home.

Never allow a remediation contractor to "encapsulate" mold.

Some mold removal contractors include a process they call "encapsulating" or "encapsulation". Plainly stated, it means they paint over mold. This practice is not recognized by the EPA or any other legitimate authority on mold remediation. The EPA guidelines for mold abatement is very clear, "REMOVE IT". If the mold is removed, there is no need for encapsulation. Unless mold is removed, it is still there. "Encapsulating" mold by painting over it is just a way to cover up any mold that was not removed.

Vapor Barrier: New Vapor Barrier will be installed in crawlspaces.

Insulation: In both attic and crawlspace there are times when insulation removal and replacement is necessary.

Clearance Inspection: Independent, Third Party Clearance Inspection to be performed by IICRC Licensed Inspector: Building Specs of Idaho Matt Dawes (208) 323-4900 is highly qualified and recomended. Matt can perform pre and post inspections as necessary.

Advanced Environmental Solutions offers a very sensible approach to Mold & Moisture Issues. We dont sell fear and never will. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and our focus on solid customer service. Our focus is to educate each client prior to any action. The experience we have gained performing inspections, surveys, and remediation is invaluable and unsurpassed. Constantly evolving with the field through continued research and development has provided us with state-of-the-art procedures, equipment & materials, and our clients with the knowledge that their project is performed to the highest standards. We have an excellent reputation among homeowners, builders, realtors, and insurance adjusters. We specialize and are trained specifically for Mold Inspection and Remediation.

"Mold is not a sideline, Mold is all we do."

-Dane Barlow